Resources used in my Windows development work. Content will vary over time as tends and usefulness comes and goes.


Visual Studio 2019 –

This is my core development application now.

Notepad++ –

Used when I need to manipulate a lot of basic text, usually because I need to do some kind of clean-up operation. Also used when editing XML, CSV and JSON content.

Paint.Net –

Used if I need to do some basic graphics manipulation as it’s quick and easy to use, and free.

Greenshot –

I use Greenshot as my screen capture tool, a bit more flexible than the Windows print screen capture.

AnyBurn –

I use this to perform off-PC backups of my work. USB drives can be used as well but this is really the proper backup as it can be stored away from the house and cannot electrically fail as USB sticks/HDD’s can. Obviously you still have the physical security issue.



Websites resources can vary, as it’s very much dependent on what interest you have in your work. But my current go-to websites are as follows.