Update on writing – July 2022

As you will see, no many updates on the blog for a while so no notification of how the writing is going. Simple fact it’s not.

However, here is my intention regarding a writing reboot.

Writing content located solely on a laptop, so don’t have issues copy associated files around and running off the fastest device.

Have switched back to Scrivener 3 for Windows from Word. Had a technical issue with Scrivener that took a long time to resolved, and I considered it simpler at the time if I stuck to Word as that’s the software I use in my day job. No sense in learning two word processors, I thought, even though I acknowledge Scriveners strengths. Now reverted that decision. Also looking at online guides and books.

Reworking my task list to something that’s more active as opposed to a passive, ‘do when I feel like it’ list. Something with specific outcomes and that has an end product as the key task.

Writing web resources – some thoughts

I am currently reviewing my writing resources weblinks. So far I have found 155 web links, around writing, journalism and short stories. I have what must be a couple of thousand other weblinks that I still have to go through to dig out writing weblinks, so it gave me pause for thought. Are these actually any good, or am I just wasting my time.


Some of these writing resources have been curated over a good 10 to 15 years, so a lot of them are either dead or no longer relevant to me.


Relevance is in relation to how they fit with my writing ideas at the moment. I will have looked at some because it featured a genre that I was considering writing for. Or it was related to additional types of writing as a form of income. Or just what I would have though of as a good writing site. Now I probably don’t have any idea why I selected it, so have to look at it again.


As I said earlier, 155 web links that I know about. If all of them are any good, can you imagine the time it would take to regularly review them, extract topics that are useful for me and put them into practice? I’d hate to think, because obviously it’s something I haven’t done. And guess what, my blog will be an element of that as well, so I’m currently dissing something I am creating myself.


The conclusion I have come to is as follows;

  • Weblinks all depend on my viewpoint, so will tend to be very specific.
  • If I have referred to a link, it doesn’t means it’s of any use to you, but I’ll try to indicate why I selected it.
  • What I try and do is extract useful information/skills that I’ll use in my day to day writing life from the site. I’m sticking it into a document that may one day become a ‘this is how I write’ book.

As ever, these are my opinions. Ultimately, you have to determine if weblinks are of any use to you and how you use them. The bottom line is, unless you are careful, they can soak up a lot of your time that you would be better using by actual writing.

State of Play – 2018

At the moment, the writing doesn’t consist of any more than a few journal entries and this blog post. I am looking to ramp this up this year, but obviously nothing much to show for it so far.

I am writing in Scrivener again, looking forward to the release of version 3 for Windows sometime this year. Had a quick look at the beta version but didn’t want to get overseen with that. Will worry about it when it is released.

I’ll post again once I’ve updated the website content. I know my categorisation of posts and SEO needs some work, and I am very poor at tweeting stuff, so need to up my game there.

I also need to get out more into the writing world this year, way to solitary for my own good.

The State of Play

Where am I now with my writing. To be honest, I’ve not done much at all. I tried restarting my journaling after Christmas, but have yet to hit my 500 words a day target.

Additionally the blog has been quiet.

So, I’ve updated the blog a bit. I’ve switched back to Scrivener at version 1.9.7 so almost all my content is in there. I’ve not done anything with the novels yet, but will review them in due course to see which one I need to focus on.  The same goes for the non-fiction stuff, I really need to focus on a couple of items and get them through the production cycle.  As yet, nothing I have done has been through a full production cycle.

Additionally, the full time job is going to remain IT management and so I’m going to revise my business plan for a part time writing career.  Career should probably be in quotes, but basically look at how I can put sufficient time, effort and money into developing it as a sideline.

You’ll just have to see how I get on.