Website Rationale

I’ve had this website for a number of years and during that time it has served many purposes, often around programming, writing and general IT. It never really went anywhere.

So I’m rebooting it to host my content on developing web based apps for a small Higher Education organisation in Leeds. Consider it as giving back help and information on how I have developed these systems, as they have been built on the back of free and open source software, so I have benefited from this.

Note that it is in particular about development as a sole IT person in an organisation doing this sort of work, mainly self organised in what I look at and develop, and using non-standard programming practices. So you won’t find anything here at the moment about using git or unit tests, or managing a project with multiple developers. However, I suspect what I do do will resonate with a few people in the sector, and hopefully be of benefit if at the minimum indicating ways that IT supported processes can be easily developed and help an organisation.