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State of Play – 2018

At the moment, the writing doesn’t consist of any more than a few journal entries and this blog post. I am looking to ramp this up this year, but obviously nothing much to show for it so far. I am writing in Scrivener again, looking forward to the release of version 3 for Windows sometime…

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Restarting the writing blog

I used to have my writing content on the site, but that is now devoted to my main topic of programming. This blog is now going to be used for my writing content, such as it is. This post is just to highlight it’s re-activation.

Writing Work Logging

Today I am starting an eight week task of logging all the writing work I do, by word count and completed items. I have created a spreadsheet, one line for each of the next eight weeks, in which I will log the following information. Journal words per week Blog post words per week Fiction and…

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