Projects I am working on will appear here.


This is the primary project I am working on at the moment. Originally an IT support app, it did things like manage network accounts, basic diagnostics and held various tracking databases. It has now branched out into providing an student application database intended to suplant a set of Excel spreadsheets we use at the moment. Additionally I will be looking at handling enquiries and graduate information.


This is a conversion of an exisiting printer monitoring app I found on the internet somewhere, that I’m using to look at printer processes. Originally also devised to automatically clear down bad print jobs that were getiting auto-generated from a theatre ticketing system we used to use, that used to block up the ticket printing process. As we switched suppliers, no longer needed for that.


Further Education in the UK used to have a Staff Individualised Record survey every war, basically to survey staff working in FE, how much they are paid, there working percentages and qualifications, that sort of thing. This is no longer actively deveoped, but useful for trying to nail down CRUD functions in a WinForm app.


Used to test out various ideas without breaking my main apps. At the moment looking at programatic access to an Exchange mailbox, so extract emails to out admissions mailbox and merge them into the applications database.


This was developed to track UK O-Level students progress and predicted grades. Again primarially as a CRUD development app now, but had some useful components on score totalling and display.


A colleague had issues with the colour combinations on Windows 10 screens, but found that the colour management tools for things like app backgrounds no longer existed (not yet transferred to the Settings app). So looked at how you could see the registry settings and have a way to manipulate it. May end up on my GitHub site at some point.


Stands for Yet Another Process Manager, a defunct Windows tool. This is the source code so that I can have a look at what is in there and possibly extract items for the ITSupport tool, especially things like remote PC information access.


As part of the applications process for the school I work at, candidates sometimes offer online videos for remote auditions. For some auditions, we have to keep a copy of the video, hence looking at code that can download that video for inclusion in the ITSupport app.