Author: Glenn

Website Rationale

I’ve had this website for a number of years and during that time it has served many purposes, often around programming, writing and general IT. It never really went anywhere. So I’m rebooting it to host my content on writing. Not sure if it will go anywhere, but let’s see.  

State of Play – 2018

At the moment, the writing doesn’t consist of any more than a few journal entries and this blog post. I am looking to ramp this up this year, but obviously nothing much to show for it so far. I am writing in Scrivener again, looking forward to the release of version 3 for Windows sometime…

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The State of Play

Where am I now with my writing. To be honest, I’ve not done much at all. I tried restarting my journaling after Christmas, but have yet to hit my 500 words a day target. Additionally the blog has been quiet. So, I’ve updated the blog a bit. I’ve switched back to Scrivener at version 1.9.7…

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