Update on writing – July 2022

As you will see, no many updates on the blog for a while so no notification of how the writing is going. Simple fact it’s not.

However, here is my intention regarding a writing reboot.

Writing content located solely on a laptop, so don’t have issues copy associated files around and running off the fastest device.

Have switched back to Scrivener 3 for Windows from Word. Had a technical issue with Scrivener that took a long time to resolved, and I considered it simpler at the time if I stuck to Word as that’s the software I use in my day job. No sense in learning two word processors, I thought, even though I acknowledge Scriveners strengths. Now reverted that decision. Also looking at online guides and books.

Reworking my task list to something that’s more active as opposed to a passive, ‘do when I feel like it’ list. Something with specific outcomes and that has an end product as the key task.

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