Scrivener for Windows 3.0 Beta Adoption

I have decided to switch back from Word to Scrivener, but specifically to the latest 3.0 beta version.

Why you ask? Well, specifically because I need a hook to keep writing, and using the formatting structure that Scrivener gives you helps a lot in that. But additionally I wanted to see what version 3 now offers, considering some people are saying that they are using it as there primary writing tool now. That exhibits some considerable confidence in the strength of the beta.

So I have installed it on my various computers, and I have imported a Word document into it to do the splitting again. This is a 38 section document that I need to split accordingly, which is easy enough as I can work from the bottom of the document, select the section I want to split and use the split this option to get it in it’s own document. This is now complete and didn’t take long at all.

Now on reviewing the document, it’s in easier chunks and I’ve already spotted one small line wrap issue, which I had missed previously. Having completed that, I have used the compile option to produce a mobi file that I’ll upload to my Kindle tonight, then review the document for any issues. It is also a document about writing fiction, so I’ll be going through it all.

Note this is against beta 29. A word of warning though that it is a beta, so backup regularly and be prepared for data issues – although I am not expecting any this late in the day.

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