The State of Play

Where am I now with my writing. To be honest, I’ve not done much at all. I tried restarting my journaling after Christmas, but have yet to hit my 500 words a day target.

Additionally the blog has been quiet.

So, I’ve updated the blog a bit. I’ve switched back to Scrivener at version 1.9.7 so almost all my content is in there. I’ve not done anything with the novels yet, but will review them in due course to see which one I need to focus on.  The same goes for the non-fiction stuff, I really need to focus on a couple of items and get them through the production cycle.  As yet, nothing I have done has been through a full production cycle.

Additionally, the full time job is going to remain IT management and so I’m going to revise my business plan for a part time writing career.  Career should probably be in quotes, but basically look at how I can put sufficient time, effort and money into developing it as a sideline.

You’ll just have to see how I get on.