Switching back to Word (from Scrivener)

I have decided to switch back to Word from Scrivener. This is because at the last upgrade (1.8.5 for Windows), I lost all my quote marks from a novel I’m working on. Sufficiently annoying for me to worry about what else the software had done, and for me to lose confidence in the product.

I had come up from the immediate previous version, and had not done anything as far as I can tell to trigger the change. I also had an odd keyboard issue with the software as well, which wasn’t matching the settings on my PC, whether that was the actual reason for the quotes issue or not I don’t know.

Either way, for now I’m using Word. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep an eye on Scrivener, as I know I’ll lose some very good features in the application, especially the tree structure that helped me write in chunks. Probably test new versions against the last project version of the novel, see what it does.

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