The Key is to Finish

I have been reviewing my fiction and non-fiction work documents, so as to update the pages on this blog with their details as a way to keep track of them.

To date, I have 27 fiction items I’m working on, with an additional 22 ideas and 8 ideas for a detective type series.

As for non-fiction, I have 6 items plus a further 38 ideas.

Of these, guess how many are finished?

Yep, precisely zero, none, nada.

It was obvious to me before, crystal clear now, that finishing work so that it’s ready for publication and possible sale must be one of the prime drivers for any writing life, certainly mine. OK, there will always be stuff there that is a labour of love, but if you want to make a career of it you have to be a finisher. Regularly and consistently. And I am evidently not one of those.

Well at least I know where I need to get to.