Writing Commitment

I’ve not blogged for a while, and this post may explain why.

To me, there are three components that make up a writer; ability, talent and passion.


Ability is the basics, can you write, can you form grammatically correct sentences that put across opinions and ideas.  Essentially, can you write?


Talent is taking that ability and doing something more with it.  Can you use these words and turn them into something interesting?  Can you create content that people want to read.  Essentially, can you write well?


Here is the kicker.  With this ability and talent, can you do this every day?  Can you do this when you really don’t want to?  Can you write stuff you are simply not interested in, or do you just have to wait for the muse to hit you. (Hint; it doesn’t exist).  Essentially, can you write regardless?

To me, a writer is defined by those three elements.  I came to that conclusion while thinking about my writing career and the work I haven’t done recently.  Guess where I think I am at the moment (Another hint, you don’t have to count higher than one).

To be a writer, you have to factor in the three elements above, and have a really persistent attitude to your passion for writing.  If there is no passion, unfortunately the simple truth is you’ll never get anywhere with it.

Like all writers, that’s something I have to come to terms with, and either really kick it up a gear or maybe make the hard decision that it’s not for me.