Content is King

I’ve not blogged for a while, much less actually written some stuff but a recent turn of events has made me consider my position.  I was going to attend a literature festival event tonight, a series of presentations by writers, but I just don’t seem up to it at all.

It made me consider exactly what I was expecting from the event.  Although it would be fun in itself, I have realized that I thought it would inspire me to write in some way.  That also got me thinking about online or real-life writing groups, and how they motivate people to write.  And the simple fact is that for me they don’t motivate.  My issue is a lot more ‘core’ than that, the simple habit of sitting down in front of a computer and writing.

Nothing else in my life will make me do that except my own willpower, such as it is.  No one is going to be sitting next to me as a I write from any writing group, course or event I attend.  It is, as one writer said, a truly lonely business but the simple fact is, that is what it is.  just me, alone.

Without having written, you are not a writer, so first and foremost, let’s write and worry about the other stuff later.  In fact, let’s not worry about it, let’s just concentrate on what there is in this very moment, which is just me at the keyboard writing this post.  Simple mindful focus.