Writing on Holiday

As an experiment, I printed off all the work I had done to date, and took it away with me on holiday to Cornwall. The idea was twofold; to try and do some handwritten based writing on holiday and to kick-start my writing again.

I failed on both points.

Although I got a fillip from seeing the work I had produced, it had no effect on encouraging me to work more. Almost the opposite effect, saying to myself I actually do write so everything is OK, ignoring the fact that I should be writing every day and not standing still.

It did make me realise the need to have a more workman like approach to writing, after all if it’s a career you should be looking at writing tasks for 7-8 hours a day ideally, of which 2-3 hours should be new production. You don’t do that sort of work on holiday, your mind isn’t in it, so at least I know that and will compensate accordingly next time.

Hopefully this realisation will help when I am working and also help when I’m on holiday.

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