Review of Current Work

I am currently undergoing a review of my current writing work, to look at focussing on pieces that have merit and can stand having further work done on them.

To that end, I went and printed out all the work I have done so far.  It was quite satisfying to see it in physical form, especially considering the thickness of the bundle of papers and the fact that they were double sided and not double line spaced, so quite a dense amount of work.

I’ll review each piece and see what I can take away with me on a bit of a writing opportunity that is coming up. I also plan at the moment to just handwrite any work, just to see how that affect the production rate and the quality of the work.  Think it will be useful as an exercise in it’s own right.  Additionally where I am going to doesn’t have internet access, so one more reason for not taking the laptop.

Note also I have reverted back to Microsoft Word from Scrivener at the moment, again just to simplify the writing environment.  I may look at using speech to text software to get this handwritten stuff into the computer, the hope being that quality draft work will be produced by hand for eventual conversion to electronic form for further work.  I shall post how I get on.

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