Visualising Your Work

I have been working on two pieces of writing recently, the plan being that they would eventually become the basis for my first Kindle novels. I have been struggling with motivation on them recently, but then thought of a way to progress this.
What I have done is turn the existing work, in Scrivener, into actual Kindle books using KindleGen. What that has done has enabled me to see what the finished product would actually look like, which is a boost in itself as I can now visualise a finished product.

Additionally, it has made me progress on the actual conversion process I’d need to do at the end of the writing process as well.

All in all, it has made me consider how well I have done so far, enabled me to see a finished product at the end and a way that I can progress to completing the novels.

Of course, the actual content needs quite a bit of work, but at least I can see it being read by people on their eReaders, and it’s no longer in the realm of fantasy but an actual possibility.

Try it yourself, see how you get on.

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