The Need for Regular Writing

I haven’t been writing much recently, but seem to have got a second wind in the past few days. What seems to sustain me at the moment is to have a regular writing aim for each day. In addition, there are specific targets for each area of writing.

For example, for today I have a 500 word target for a journal entry (done), 1,000 word target for actual ‘proper’ writing (on one of my two novels probably; not yet started) and then this blog entry.

I had aimed for a blog entry at least twice a week, as you can see that hasn’t happened but I don’t actually consider that as part of proper writing, so that is less of an issue.

But I do think there is a need to have a daily journal entry and a chunk of writing towards your creative writing goal (the journal is more reflective, blogs are really marketing).  That way you are cranking out the raw material, and having a regular writing slot.

Ideally you’ll have a nice writing routine going before long.  I find that easier said than done, but unless you get some content out regularly, you don’t have a start on the writing habit.

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