Writing Update

Just a quick update as to where I am writing wise.

I’ve reverted to all my writing stuff being on the home PC.  I had been carrying it around with me on a USB memory stick with the intention of doing some writing at work at lunchtime, etc.  That never really happened, other than journalling, so I thought it best to keep stuff home bound for now.

I am back using Scrivener, which working from home actually helps as the speed accessing data from the stick was slow, jerky in places, which I don’t get with the data coming off a faster hard disk.  Having said that, a new version is due out in January which apparently deals with speed issues, so it might help there.

Scrivener certainly helps with breaking the story down into manageable sections, and I now have character sketches and the plot outline in separate areas, which helps keep things together and easily accessible.  Although Word is great for getting text down, it doesn’t seem to take me long now to get to structuring the story, now there are a lot of separate text parts.

I’ve been woking on one story at the moment, Stacy’s Story, which will be a thriller novel.  I’m trying to stick to that as opposed to the othr novel, a sci-fi story, just basically to have some focus on one writing project at a time.  I also have load of other bits of writing on the go and I will occasionally work on them, just think one major project will do for now.

I have two weeks off coming up over Christmas, so hopefully will post again with more details of how Stacy’s Story is coming along.  I’m also managing to get back to 500 word a day journaling targets, so I’ll update you on how that’s going as well.

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