Writing but not writing

Thought I’d just drop in a part of my most recent journal entry, see if this rings a bell with anyone else;

Now that I’m at my desk at home I’m not really in the writing mood to be honest, although I am writing my journal at the moment.  Getting the words down but I’m not sure that they are really any good, certainly not creative work which fiction writing is.  Maybe stating the obvious here, but journaling is not an act of creation; it’s an act of documentation.  That really is not proper writing.  Think I’ll use that for my blog post later as it’s an important distinction I think.

For some reason, I thought I just wrote loads, but only just hit the 360 word mark.  And to also realise this is not the writing I should be doing is depressing me a little.  I’ll have to get the blog post to bed, finish my 500 words here and call it a day.  OK I’m also reading a writing book on the iPad, so I’ll consider that writing work as well, but the fact is it’s still not real writing.  I have two novels that are in a basic, poorly structured form that I’m not working on, and yet I’m spending my time journaling and blogging.  Something’s not connecting up here.

Does that sound like something you do?  Comments please.

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