Typed or Handwritten

I have been on holiday for a week, somewhere where I intended to do some writing but did not specifically take a laptop with me.  There was no internet access, so taking a laptop seemed somewhat poinless.  So I just took a pad, with the intention of writing longhand for the week.

Well, for whatever reason, I didn’t get any writing done.  Probably needed a simple break more than I realised.  However, it has spured me on my return to print out for works in progress, so I have them at hand if I feel the need to do some writing or editing.  I’ll let you know how I get on, as I think it’s an interesting bit of research as to what will work best.

The mind obviously considers typing to be more efficient, hower the heart says that that may not be the best way to produce the best work.  There are plenty of studies that show interesting results from hand written work, so it is something I’ll be persuing.  OK, you have to re-enter it as the work is going further, but maybe I should just consider that the second draft?  Certainly when I change words because i can’t read my own handwriting!

What works for you, typing or handwritten?

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