Handwritten Test

Last night I had some free time so did the handwriting test I mentioned doing.  I worked on four short stories, reviewed my writing task list and business plan.  What I discovered was the following;

What Worked

I was in the dining room, so really enjoyed the peace and quiet and the lack to PC/internet access.  I found this helped me focus on the individual pieces of work and soon used up the time allocated.  I also found I was more ready to work than I have been for a while, but I’m not sure if that was the location or I was just in a writing mood.  I didn’t do any mindmapping type work but do see that as the best way to do it.

What Didn’t Work

I don’t write much, so got a bit of hand cramp.  Worked through it and I’m sure as time goes on it’ll be easier.  I now have to type up the notes, so in a sense that’s additional work, but I do feel what’s there is better for being hand written.


I think for initial original creation it’s probably the best way to work, isolating myself and hand writing stuff.  Once I’m at the second draft stage, it needs to switch to PC based work.  I do find it a lot easier to print and review work, online editing is not as successful for me.

Have a go yourself if you tend to write at the computer and see what works for you.

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