Maintaining Focus

This website has had many forms over the years as my focus on what I think is important and relevant has changed.  This has been particularly relevent recently as I have tried to start a writing habit that hopefully will develop into a career.  The pages and content has flip-flopped as I looked into these various topics, then off into non-writing interests that don’t last long and eventualy die when I realise it’s time and focus I should be putting in to writing.

So, here is my latest statement of intent for this site.

This site is going to be on the sole topic of writing, both fiction and non-fiction but specifically not news journalism type topics.  I will be producing long form non-fiction items but not of the newspaper/radio/tv type journalism.  That’s just not gong to happen, I think it would make my writing interests too wide.  There is an investment requirement on the journalism side, particulary in study which could only be distance learning based and I simply do not have the contacts to generate sufficient journalism work at the moment.  The networking I have to do anyway will go into the general writing.

The additional topics on the site (photography, IT, etc.) are there to promote my writing and experience in these areas.  The IT side will probably be the largest section for non-fiction work as my day job is as an IT manager.  The photography stuff at the moment is primarially hobby based, but I have some ideas of how that could complement long form articles and photo essays.

I’ll then keep any other topics off this site unless I’ve written about them in which case they will become a topic on the site.

The menu format will change over time as I encorporate my ideas and discussions on the practice of writing with the topics I actually write about.

Right, I think I should crack on and get some content up, don’t you?

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