It’s all about the writing

I’ve been working on a writing business plan over the holiday’s.  You’ll see a post about it in due course.

However, the core to it all is always going to be content.  You have to write.  Thankfully I’ve just managed 1,600 words towards what I hope will be my first Kindle eBook.  For some reason I was waiting for permission to write.  That only comes from yourself, so if you are not writing, it’s you’re fault.

Of course, my business plan calls for 6,000 words a day in a full time structure.  The 1,600 above was done in an hour so you’re looking at 4 hours per day writing.  And this is first draft writing as well, I’m not yet sure how to quantify second draft/editing speed yet.

Ultimately though you need the raw materials to work with.


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