First person viewpoint

I’ve been working on a novel recently which had got bogged down somewhat.  The writing was leaden, I didn’t have any enthusiasim for it.  It was written in the third person, as there were aspects of the story I wanted to tell from different peoples perspectives.

However, while reading Stephen King’s latest book “11-22-63“, I noticed how well the writing worked from the first person point of view.  So I switched my novel around to first person.  Luckily I hadn’t gone too far into it so didn’t need a major re-write.

I got some time last night to do some new work on it, and found that in around 45 minutes I had put down 1,500 words and didn’t want to stop.  The words seemed to flow very easily.  It was only the lateness of the hour that stopped me.

I was a bit dubious about doing the switch at first, as my (very unscientific) research indicated that third person should be the easiest for a beginner writer to use.  However I did find it a lot easier simply to visualise what my character was doing and just write it down in first person perspective.  It just seemed more ‘fluid’.

Maybe I’ll pay for it in the edit, I’m sure I will, but at least for now my novel seems to be motoring again.

So my summary for this post is, if you seem to be stuck, consider the viewpoint you are using.

Another consideration is that I am using Scrivener, and have broken the plot into distinct scenes.  It then becomes a lot easier to write to your mood, being able to work on a section out of sequence to the plot flow depending if you are in a dialog or descriptive mode.


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