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Just thought I’d post some personal considerations on writing and how I’m looking at improving this. Written from the point of view of a procastinating writer.

Single Location.

I’ve carried my writing around with me on a USB stick, and have Scrivener installed on three computers I used. The idea being I can write wherever I have one of my computers. Net writing output this way? Zero. So, I’ve cut down to just using my home office PC. Net result, first writing in ages last night, 650 words. OK, at that rate don’t expect a book off me this decade. However, it is the best writing place for me and I have produced more there than anywhere. Moral, find one place that works and stick to it.


I’ve used a number of pieces of software over the years, looking for that magical product that will convert me into an award winning, million selling author. Newsflash, doesn’t exist. So I suggest you find the simplest product that works for you and stick to it. Scrivener is that for me at the moment. Reason? I can break the story into sections and just write those sections that I’m in the mood to work on.

Writing Tips and Tricks

I’m a terrible person for reading magazines, books, blogs, websites and twitter feeds on how to write. Although useful, in themselves they don’t get you writing. Bottom line is you have to sit down and write. So my tip is to read what you want (and don’t get me wrong, there is good stuff out there), just remember in the end it’s just you and the keyboard. Don’t mistake advice for action.

Scheduled Writing

Scheduled writing may or may not work for you. It doesn’t seem to for me. But then I’m not writing to earn a living, so I don’t have that pressure. What has worked for me though is to realise that scheduling writing slots, and then not doing any is itself a demotivator to get any writing done. So don’t schedule, write when you want to, make it a pleasurable rewarding experience and you should find that you natuarally want to write more.

Blogging as Writing

In the end, blogging to me isn’t writing in the sense of a properly creative process. It’s a communication method, in the same way as Twitter and facebook. So consider if you are blogging or actually creating stand alone work – to me there is a difference. I’m not saying don’t do it, just be aware of what you are devoting your time to. Are you procrastinating by blogging?

What are your thoughts on this? Comments always welcome.

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  1. Greetings Glenn,
    I stumbled onto your blog while running a search on the latest update to Scrivener for Windows. I didn’t expect to find much information beyond what is on the Literature & Latte website but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    As you, I am also a writer who has written very little yet continue to think of myself as one anyway. It doesn’t hurt either, this encouragement we get from our friends, does it?
    As to Scrivener, I have only just begun to explore it and try to figure how it will be of use to me in my writing. Little by slow I am seeing that it may have real value over Word, which is what I currently use. Being able to organize my thoughts and then proceed with the story in a non-linear fashion may be a way of working that I can get used to.
    I will be downloading the latest version of Scrivener later tonight. I see that a complete uninstall of the version I currently have is required before I install the new version. No bother to me since I have only done the tutorial a couple of times and have no personal works saved.

    So that’s all then. I was debating whether or not to leave a comment here at all, but I couldn’t find any others. Shouldn’t writers sort of stick together?

    Be Well and all the best in your endeavors.


  2. Thanks for the comments.

    I posted this because I thought it would be useful to highlight what works for one person in a particular context, which may go against general writing guidance. I think we should just use what works, and as we develop so will our techniques, the important thing is we are producing work!

    I like Scivener as well for the fact you can work non-linearly as you say. I tend to work as the mood takes me. Word (which I also use) doesn’t break stuff down sufficiently. Scrivener looks good as well if I want to write other formats (non-fiction, scripts, etc).

    And finally, I am as guity as well for not leaving comments on blogs. As you say, we should stick together, it can be a lonely activity otherwise.

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