Why don’t I write

One suggestion in ‘Page after Page’ by Heather Sellers is to list the reasons why you don’t write.  I’m detailing mine here, done a while ago, for your perusal.  Are yours the same?  Are some of yours just as daft as mine?  Or are some of them real deal breakers?

Why Don’t I Write?

1)  Unable to focus.
2) What to write?
3) Quality of what I write.
4) Others seeing it.
5) Wife seeing it.
6) Not being good enough.
7) Time away from wife writing.
8) Should be doing something more productive.
9) Unable to write (handwriting) – hurts already.
10) Brain freeze.
11) Too emotional.
12) Easily distracted.
13) Hard work.
14) Too many hobbies and interests.
15) What I write has no value.
16) Lack of creative ideas – stuck at number 16 for a while.
17) Better with unemotional topics (but want to be emotional).
18) Scheduled writing slots never seem to work – thereby querying my commitment.
19) Fear of joining a writers group and being social.
20) Tackling difficult topics.
21) Fear of not being liked.
22) Fear of being disliked.
23) Query if able to adapt to writers life.
24) Unsure of commitment to writing – very flighty.
25) Monkey mind.

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