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I recently blogged about yWriter and it’s usefulness for working on larger works.  This is still true and I would still recommend anyone to have a look at it. However, in my case I have stopped using it and here is why. 

I’m using it as a reason not to write.

What I have realised, after reading a particular chapter in Heather Seller’s book “Chapter by Chapter” is that this is one of my ‘should’ reasons for writing.  She describes how some people write on a ‘should’ basis; I should write more, I should write this book to impress xyz, rather than just writing for it’s own sake.

In my case it was, I should use software for larger works.  In this case, I found myself doing the usual thing of being more interested in the software than what I was actually writing.  I can see the benefits of what the software provided, but I’m just not getting words on the page.  I’ve blogged about this before, and taking my own advice i have taken the story I had in yWriter and put it back into Microsoft Word.

Should I ever get on to another tangent about a particular piece of software, please remind me of my own advice.  All you need is either basic word processing software or pen and paper.  Just get the words down.

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